Established in 1976, Caratti Sport started out as a small family run business. With the family's Italian heritage, they were able to develop a close relationship with some of the best brands in the industry. Caratti were the first UK importers of many high end Italian made brands such as Sidi, De Marchi, Castelli, Colnago, Giordana. The company then developed into one of the largest distributors in the UK.

Over time, Caratti developed their own range of clothing originally made in Italy. Famous for their 6 and 8 panel shorts and gloves, they were one of the biggest selling brands. Caratti sponsored and produced clothing for many pro teams across the UK.


The relaunch of the caratti brand

Caratti produce quality cycling clothing and accessories, still using original suppliers, one particular Italian supplier made the first pair of caratti shorts all those years ago. The close relationships developed over time have allowed the brand to work closely with those old suppliers to develop new and innovative product.


The Caratti name:

Originally from Treviso, the family have stuck close to their Italian heritage. Coincidentally, the Caratti family lived on the same street as the original Pinarello shop which is still open today.